5 Excellent Tips for Your Dog’s Safety

small breed pupYour pet is your precious child and you can’t even imagine parting with him. Obviously you want to know about everything that can keep him safe. Here are some of the things you can do on priority to protect your beloved pet.

1. Teach Him Basic Commands

Your dog should be in your control, not because he is in your possession, but for his safety. It’s because an uncontrolled dog may run into traffic, get lost or injured or cause injury to other animal or person. So, teach him basic commands like “stop”, “come”, “sit” and “stay”. You can get tips from a professional dog trainer about how to train your dog to obey your commands.

2. Get Her an ID Tag

It’s quite easy for dogs to get lost, no matter how careful you are about her. Therefore as soon as you bring her home, get a flat, buckled collar and ID tag for her and ensure she is wearing it every time while leaving home. Also, having a good photo, or rather many photos, of your dog is a good idea. That way it can be easy to search her with the photo if she’s lost.

3. Keep Him Away from Dangerous Foods and Plants

There are some plants that can be toxic for dogs (& other pets). If ingested accidentally, they can cause severe stomach pain and sometimes even death. If you don’t know much about plants, it’s better to keep no plants in the reach of the dog. Contacting your vet or your local nursery or searching online about toxic plants for pets is a good idea.

4. Get GPS Dog Fence

You can get many types of dog fences which help to confine your dog in the safe premises of your home. There are wooden fences, chain link fences, picket fences, wireless fences, invisible fences and many more. However if you want the best for your dog, get the latest GPS dog fence which contains a collar and a “controller”. When the dog leaves the set premise, the collar receives a signal and gives a mild electric shock to the dog. But it’s different from other wireless systems in that the collar receives the signals from up to four satellites so as to tell the most accurate location of the dog. Read this comprehensive article to get more information about this innovative security tool for your dog.

5. Don’t Leave Her in a Closed Car

Make sure you never leave your dog in a closed car while you go to a shop or mall. Dogs cannot bear the heat of a car and can get a heatstroke, brain damage or even may die. So, wherever you go, take your dog with you or leave her back home, but not in a closed car.

Follow these tips and take the best precaution about your dog’s safety, so that you can enjoy each other’s company for years to come.