5 Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

dog-lover-foot-printEverybody has at least one friend who is a big dog lover. Usually people who believe dogs are better than human say it loud and proud, so you can’t miss them even if you try. Therefore, if you need to buy a gift for someone you work or hang out with and you know he or she is crazy about dogs, why wouldn’t you purchase something both beautiful and dog related? I’ll give you some ideas for perfect gifts for pooch lovers!

#1 Paw Print – Whether you look for a t-shirt or a mug for your dog loving friend or co-worker, choosing something with paw print(s) is always a good idea! Recently I’ve found out this stunning piece of jewelry – Dog Lover Foot Print Necklace (check out https://www.worldpetlovers.com/products/dog-lover-necklace-dog-paw-pendant-paw-print-jewelry-paw-and-footprint-pendant) and I think it’s something any female (or even male) dog owner would gladly wear. It’s so unique and lovely!

#2 Wrap it nicely – If you already know what you’ll purchase and it’s not dog-related, what about wrapping the gift in a nice dog-inspired paper? The dog lover who is going to receive it will appreciate it!

#3 Lovely Slogans – Products featuring fabulous slogans about dogs will put a smile on a face of anyone who adores puppies. Luckily, there are so many fun and creative dog-related quotes that you can either choose one and, for example, print a personalized hoodie with it for your friend or you can pick an already existing product with a nice slogan. For instance, you can go with a funny one, such as “the hair on my hoodie is provided by my dog (you can put their dog’s name here, too)

#4 Dog Print – A skirt with a nice dog print won’t go unnoticed. Even though not everyone would like it, someone who owns a dog or would like to adopt one will definitely wear it gladly! But, if clothes with dog print turn you off, think about other products, such as pillows, shopping bags and coasters.

#5 Book about Dogs – This is highly recommended for a new dog owner, because they can learn something about their new family members, how to make their life happier, healthier and longer and, of course, how to train them. There are many great books about dogs out there, so you only need to visit the nearest bookshop and look for the best-selling title. You won’t go wrong!

Need more inspiration and ideas? Check out https://www.worldpetlovers.com/ for incredible products for pet lovers!