6 Outstanding Benefits of a Wooden Dog Crate

oak dog crateYour dog needs a home of his own where he can take a refuge, sleep and get some privacy. But what type of home will you choose for your beloved pup? There are so many materials of which dog crates are made; but by far, wooden dog crates are supposed to be the best of all. Let’s have a look at their benefits.

1. It Makes Your Dog Comfortable

A wooden dog crate such as an oak dog crate makes your dog feel more comfortable than a plastic or metal dog crate. This makes it easy for you to crate train your pooch. You can buy a wooden dog crate as a versatile commodity and achieve the optimized utilization of space.

2. Less Dangerous

Wood, being a light material, is less dangerous to your beloved pet than a metal crate. If in case, any of its parts breaks and falls down when your doggy is sitting inside the crate, your pet is less likely to get injured.

3. Temperature Control

Wood is a material which doesn’t get too hot in summers and too cold in winters. Thus, it offers a better temperature control and makes your dog’s life inside the crate easy and convenient. She won’t feel too cold or too hot inside the wooden crate.

4. Easily Portable

As said earlier, wood is a light material and hence a wooden dog crate can be easily moved from place to place. It can also be placed in your car and be used as a car crate. As you know, even a small puppy can cause a great amount of damage to the car’s interior in a small time frame. You can eliminate the possibility of damage by keeping him inside a wooden crate.

5. Eco-friendly

Plastic is being increasingly avoided for being non-biodegradable. Although it’s very useful, durable and is available in various patterns and colors, the ultimate fact is that it cannot be biodegraded. On the other hand, wood is much more eco-friendly.

6. Suits a Home’s Décor

Wood is the most preferred choice for furniture and other elements of a home’s décor. In such a case, a wooden home crate matches well easily with the other furniture in a home and looks nice. It doesn’t look out of place.

Considering so many benefits of a wooden dog crate, have you started planning buying one?