8 Dog Technological Products to Make Yours and Your Dog’s Life Easy

Dog Technology

Technology has revolutionized our world and life. It has made our life much more comfortable than before. Why should our pets remain deprived of the advantages of technology? The good news is that, dog technology which was earlier used only by geeky techies and capitalists has now moved mainstream. Just imagine, how technology can help you in taking care of your dog in a far better way. Here is some useful information on dog technology and a few products that can help make yours and your dog’s life much easier.

What is Dog Technology?

Roughly speaking, dog technology or doggytech is the technology designed to manufacture products and services to help you achieve better quality of life for your dog. The same definition applies for all other types of pets e.g. kittytech, birdytech or bunnytech and so on. These include everything from mobile dog apps to dog gadgets to dog e-commerce and online dog services.

Consumer as well as business sides of pet technology use data to help educate pet parents and veterinarians about what is happening with their pets. Dog toys use artificial intelligence to generate a more realistic play experience. With the help of dog technology, you can just use heart rate monitor or observe his activity tracker and tell if your dog isn’t feeling well.

All in all, it can be said that dog technology is something that makes pet parenthood easier, more competent and also more fun.

Dog Technology

Categories of Dog Technology

There are so many products and services that have been created by dog technology. They roughly fall under the following categories.

Health Care

These are products/services that help dog parents monitor and maintain their dogs’ health and become better caregivers and partners to their veterinarian.


Products that keep pets safe both inside and outside home

Communication and Entertainment

Products that keep dogs entertained and their parents connected to them

These categories may seem different than those talked about by industry experts and big news publishers because they are formed from the consumers’ i.e. pet parents’ point of view.

Dog Technology

Health Care

It’s very important to take care of a dog’s health and activity level for which too technology comes to your rescue.

1. Dog Food

Health of dogs is largely based on what food you give to your dog. Different breeds of dogs need different types and proportions of ingredients. You should discuss with your vet about which food is suitable to your particular dog. Purina Dry Dog Food for example contains real chicken as its number one ingredient. It provides a natural source of glucosamine that help promote healthy joints, dual defense antioxidant blend to help strengthen immune system and the tastiest, protein-rich, meaty, tender morsels that dogs love.

Purina Dry Dog Food

2. Bathing Cleaner

Although dogs shouldn’t be bathed daily, they should be given a good bath once in a while in order to keep away ticks and other pests, that live by sucking your poor dog’s blood and introduce disease-causing germs into it.

Here’s a technologically evolved dog bathing cleaner with 360° shower tool kit and bath sprayers.

dog bathing cleaner with 360° shower tool

3. Walking

Just as food, exercise is of utmost importance for your dog and the best exercise is taking him on a walk. But when your dog strongly pulls you when he wants to access the thing which is attracting him, it’s indeed testing for you. But now you can get hands-free leashes which are much easier on your body.

Look at this Hands-Free Waist Dog Leash. You have to tie it around your waist so your hands are free and won’t be pulled out. What’s more, it has a bag and bottle holder too!

Hands-Free Waist Dog Leash

4. Smart Pet Beds

Sleep is very important for everyone’s health, whether it’s a human or animal. For good sleep, the bed should be good and you can ensure if your dog’s bed is providing her the comfort she deserves or not with a smart pet bed. Smart pet beds can be temperature-controlled, can be connected to other tech devices and can respond to your pet’s needs.

Take a look at this PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge and Bed, for example. It’s easy to assemble and has ‘bolsters’ pre-loaded in fabric cover. You just have to insert memory foam base and close the zip. It’s easy to clean, is machine washable and simple to spot clean. It will provide optimal comfort to your dear dog, has non-skid bottom and suits well with your décor.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge and Bed


Our modern cities are not always the safest environment of our pets. However, technology solves the biggest pet care problem i.e. their safety.

5. Location Trackers

What started with microchipping pets to act as an identification tool has now developed into a full-fledged location tracking industry. Pet parents, especially dog parents, wish to be updated about the location of their pet.

A good example is the popular Patgoal Pet GPS Tracker which can be attached to your dog’s collar. It’s waterproof, dust-proof and fall-proof. This gadget allows you to have peace of mind that your beloved dog is monitored wherever he goes.

Patgoal Pet GPS Tracker

6. Dog Training Collars

Electronic collars working as training aids have been around for some time. These tools make use of sonic waves, mild shocks and other methods to allow you to communicate with your dog when she shows behavior that is not desired. The best gadgets are being modernized and the old-fashioned shock-based dog training collars will soon become a history.

Dog Training Collar

Communication and Entertainment

Communicating with our dogs is very important, because one of the reasons we bring dogs home is to stay connected with her always. Doggytech has offered a lot of products for a flawless communication with your pet.

7. Pet Cameras

Pet cameras are becoming increasingly popular for a reason. Pet parents cannot take their pet everywhere e.g. for work or to shops. But it’s essential to keep an eye on the pet while parent is away. Here’s where pet cameras come to help.

Pet cameras not only allow you to watch over your pet but also enable you to spend a few fun moments of interaction with your beloved dog in the middle of a hectic day. They not only provide a view inside your home, but also offer so many things including two-way communication, motion alerts, attached laser toys and treat dispensers like this Furbo Dog Camera.

Furbo Dog Camera

8. Smart Toys

Toys are not only for playing. They are very important for pets’ health because they keep them active and mentally fit. What’s more, they are excellent to keep pets stimulated when their parents can’t be home.

Look at this Petpany w1ca Dog Toys Leakage Ball, for example, a pet bite toy with natural rubber. This is a teeth interactive dog toy and acts as an alternative to toothbrush.

Petpany w1ca Dog Toys Leakage Ball

So, when are you going to involve dog technology in yours and your dog’s life?