9 Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Keep Your Dog HealthyOwning a pet dog is indeed a delightful experience, but it comes with its share of responsibilities as well. And a primary responsibility of any dog owner is to ensure that their pet lives a healthy life. There are many ways to keep your dog healthy, right from regular health checkups and vaccinations to daily exercises and proper hydration. Below, we will look at nine simple tips that will help to keep your dog fit and healthy.

1. Use Sunscreen

If your dog has a habit of spending too much time under the sun, there is a good chance that it might suffer from sunburn. Areas like ears, nose, etc. are very susceptible to such burns, especially during the summer months. And to protect your dog from such irritations, you should apply sunscreen on their vulnerable areas. It is recommended that you apply a double coat of sunscreen with an SPF value of 15 or higher, which will help provide maximum protection against sunburns. However, ensure that the sunscreen you use does not have any toxic substances like zinc oxide, PABA, and so on. Else, the dog might face some serious health problems when it licks any area where the sunscreen is applied.

2. Hydration Is Important

Every animal requires water to sustain itself. Lack of hydration can lead to several health issues, not just in humans but animals too. You can identify whether your dog is suffering from dehydration by watching out for certain signs like panting and a dry mouth. And in some extreme cases of dehydration, your dog might also lose the elasticity of its skin. These are important warning signs you should never ignore. When you notice them, provide your dog with a good amount of water. Ideally, you should place a small pot of water near the dog so that the animal can drink from it when required. You must also refill the pot when you see that the water level is too low.

3. Give Regular Vaccinations

Regular vaccinations and immunizations are necessary to keep your dog in good health. Without vaccinations, your pet will be exposed to the risk of being affected by deadly viruses and bacteria. They might end up suffering from terrible conditions like parvovirus and distemper. These could easily be avoided if you stick to the immunization schedule of your pet. So, make sure to consult a vet and check which vaccinations should be given to your dog, and at what intervals.

4. Beware Of Dandruff Problems

Your dog might also face dandruff problems. In such a situation, you should wash the pet thoroughly with a good shampoo. Ideally, you should use a shampoo that has been certified to be used on pets. Make sure that you massage the dog and create lather. Let your pet remain like that for a couple of minutes before you wash off the shampoo from its body. It is also a good idea to grind and mix Aspirin in the shampoo. Aspirin contains salicylic that can help exfoliate the dead skin cells of your dog.

5. Protect From Internal Parasites

One of the biggest causes of disease in dogs is a parasitic infection. Once parasites like protozoa, worms, etc. infect your dog’s body, the animal will suffer from morbidity and a general lack of enthusiasm for any activity. Your pet will start becoming weak and lethargic too. In some extreme cases, dogs may even die due to internal parasite infection. Plus, these parasites might even migrate from the dog to other family members which can lead to terrible consequences, especially for kids. So, check with a qualified veterinarian as to what medicines you need to provide your dog to protect it from parasitic infections. As long as you provide the recommended preventives to your dog on time, it will remain protected from the attack of parasites.

6. Remove Fleas Regularly

Your pet will also have to deal with fleas. And these pests can be a real headache for the dog. Flea bites can make the dog feel itchy and as a result, your pet will be constantly scratching the bite spots, resulting in reddening of the area. It is necessary that your dog is relieved from these pests. To do so, you can use a product like Advecta3.com. Use it once a month on your dog and it will remove all the fleas, larvae, and eggs from its body.

7. Watch Out For Ear Infections

Sometimes, water can get into your dog’s ears and result in infections. To avoid this, you should make sure that the dog’s ears are always protected from water. And you must be very careful when giving your pet a bath. Ideally, you should wet a cotton ball with some baby oil and place it inside the dog’s ears before the bath. Doing so will ensure that no water gets into its ears. After the bath, remove the cotton balls and inspect the ears carefully. If you see any moisture, take a dry cloth and clean the ears thoroughly.

8. Proper Dental Care Is Essential

You must also take good care of your dog’s teeth. For one, brush its teeth on a regular basis by using a vet-approved toothpaste. This will avoid any food accumulation and germs in its teeth. You can also provide dental chews to keep the teeth white. Together with this routine dental care, it is advisable that you take your pet to a good veterinarian once or twice a year for a full dental checkup.

9. Don’t Neglect Exercise

Finally, make sure that your dog gets adequate exercise. Many people tend to keep their dog indoors, never taking the animal out for any activity. As a result, the dog can develop health issues and is likely to be less energetic. This is not good for a dog. And as its owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the dog gets its fair share of physical activity every day. This can be done by taking your pet for a morning or evening walk. You can also play a few games with them for 30 minutes or so every day. This should be enough to keep the dog lively and energetic.