AutoHammock – Be Ready to Enjoy a Car Ride with Your Furbaby without Any Worries

AutoHammockWhen you have a dog and a car, and you love both, it’s sometimes difficult to enjoy their company at the same time. It’s sometimes difficult to let your dog travel in your car, no matter how much you wish to. Your beloved furry child may make your car seats hairy and dirty, with which you may have no problem, but your guests may find them problematic. Your pooch also may try to jump here and there, or fall down suddenly from the seat due to a jerk or abrupt brake, and that may be risky. But now you can enjoy taking your dog for an outing in your car without any worries, thanks to AutoHammock!

What is AutoHammock?

As its name suggests, AutoHammock is a hammock you can use in your car to seat your furbaby safely and in a clean way. It is to be installed on the backseat of the car and make your pup sit in it. Since it’s made of high-quality waterproof material, your car seats are protected from your dog’s hair, leaks and messes. It helps you keep your car clean and let your dog enjoy the ride.

What can AutoHammock Offer Your Dog?

  • First off, AutoHammock lets your dog enjoy your company as you don’t have to leave her at home while going out in your car.
  • A special feature AutoHammock has is a visual mesh window to let air flow towards the back seat to keep your dog comfortable. Above that, it lets him see you and thus saves him from anxiety.
  • It keeps your dog perfectly safe from falling down into the footwell if you suddenly have to brake or if the road is bumpy or if she suddenly tries to jump into the front seat.

AutoHammock has is a visual mesh window

What can AutoHammock Offer You?

  • AutoHammock allows you to take your beloved pet with you in your car anytime, anywhere because it protects your car seats from leaks, messes, hair or paw prints.
  • It also protects your car seats from scratches your pet can make with his claws.
  • It features Velcro seatbelt openings that help you access your car’s seatbelt buckles to easily attach your pup’s harness/seatbelt. Thus it helps you avoid your dog’s hair or mud to slip through to your car seats.

AutoHammock is stylish and elegant

AutoHammock is stylish and elegant, and easy to install and clean. It’s also compatible with most cars; so, you don’t have to worry much about whether it will fit your car or not.

So, have you started looking forward to having a car ride with your most favorite four-legged friend without any worries?