Beautiful Yet Affordable Beauty Accessories for Your Beloved Pet

Orange Flower CrownThose pet parents who love adorning their pets are always in the search of high quality products that also offer a huge variety. Unfortunately, not always do they get just the right products which they can be proud of. But now here’s the good news – a new online pet shop has been opened which has a great stock of high quality, adorable pet accessories which are affordable too. This is Hapi Paws! Here you can get just the right pet beauty products like bow ties, leashes, collars and bandanas to adorn your furry friend and make them look even more cute! Here I want you to take a look at some of their products and you will be truly amazed.

Mint Polka-Dot Bow

Now no more irritating bows that are too small, big, thick or thin, or too heavy or fragile! Here’s the Mint Polka-dot Bow by Hapi Paws which is handmade and customized to best fit your pooch, eliminating the chances of falling off or wrong size. It has durable Velcro straps that you can attach around your pet’s collar securely so that it won’t fall apart or flop around. Plus you have a wide choice of many fabrics to match your pet’s coat.

Mint Polka-dot Bow

Blue and Green Tonal Collar

This beautiful tonal chevron collar is perfect for your pet because it has a simple yet lovely design and the collar is very comfy. It is washable too.

Blue and Green Tonal Collar

Rainbow Leash

Walking your dog is great, not only for your dog but for yourself too. It’s a nice exercise which has been proven scientifically to comfort you and make your muscles work properly. However, if you have a strong and vigorous dog that keeps you pulling all along, your hands have to suffer a lot! You might have tried to find a leash that is best for you and your dog, but mightn’t have found one yet. But your search is over with this beautiful Rainbow Leash. It’s hand-woven and is designed by Hapi Paws as a much comfier alternative to leashes you get in stores. It has a soft hand grip that is comfortable for your doggy and provides you extra strength. It’s fully made in the USA and its ingredients are tested for durability and strength.

Rainbow leash

Heart of Gold Collar

The design of the Heart Of Gold collar is simple yet adorable making it a perfect gift for your pet. Hapi Paws take care to sew the fabric on high quality cotton webbing to provide superior strength. The slide and buckles are made of strong plastic and d-ring is made of metal. You can wash this collar and lay flat to dry.

Heart Of Gold Collar

Heart of Gold Leash

Make a superb pair of Heart of Gold collar and Heart of Gold leash! The chevron gold is surely going to make people wow at your lovely pup!

Heart Of Gold Leash

Navy Blue Anchor Collar

The lovely Navy Blue Anchor Collar has an innovative design of anchors on it which will give an edge to your doggy’s looks! Just like all other collars by Hapi Paws, the fabric of this collar too is sewn on to high quality cotton webbing which gives it extra strength and comfort for your pet.

Navy Blue Anchor Collar

Batman Bandana

This adorable slide on bandana is just perfect for any color of coat your pet may have and makes it look stunning. It has a slot wherein your pet’s collar can be slid to secure it in place. It’s super easy to put on and take out from your pet’s collar.

Batman Bandana

Orange Flower Crown

Your pet is an angel that pleases you every time you look at her/him. Give them the appearance of angel with this Orange Flower Crown! It has delightful colors that will surely make eyes turn to your doggy. It comes in several sizes and so, can fit several pets. You can even use it for cats.

Orange Flower Crown

All these and other pet beauty accessories by Hapi Paws are handmade and are designed to offer your pets’ personality the wow factor they deserve. Visit Hapi Paws online pet shop and start collecting beautiful accessories for your beloved pet.