Does Your Dog Need Winter Clothes?

Although dogs have their own layers of fur, some of them are living in environments for which they aren’t genetically equipped. For that reason, your beloved doggy might be shivering after being exposed to the winter temperatures. While some people like to dress their dogs, others hesitate to do it because they find it too odd. So, do dogs really need clothes? The answer is not simple, but I’ll try to give you some tips on deciding whether you should put a coat on your pet next time you take him or her out.

If the heating system in your home is set low and you need a blanket when watching your favorite TV show or your dog is unwilling to go outdoors in the cold weather to relieve itself, you might consider buying a jacket for your pet.

Dogs have different abilities to physically keep themselves warm and their ability to do that depends on many factors, such as their breed, age, size, type of coat and health conditions. If you own toy breed dog, or a small one with naturally thin hair coat, you definitely have to buy your pet proper clothes. Also, some breeds have thicker hair but owners groom them and keep their hair short because of matting. Do they need a jacket? In case of very low temperatures, even these dogs do need some outer clothing. And, of course, older or dogs suffering from certain chronic diseases commonly require something to warm them up, even when they’re home.

On the other hand, if your dog is a large breed with thick hair coat, an additional insulation won’t be necessary. In fact, the Siberian husky, for example, would be incredibly uncomfortable if you force them to wear outer clothing. For those and similar breeds, you have to worry about too warm weather conditions, not too cold.

If you’ve realized you should go shopping for some clothes that will keep your doggy warm this winter, get ready to have some fun. With so many different colors, styles and trends, you’ll surely find some cute clothing item for your beloved pet. Dogs, of course, don’t care about the aesthetics of their clothes, but the functionality. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. If you fall in love with some of these designer dog coats in the UK, don’t hesitate to buy them, especially if they match your fashion style!