Dog Car Seat Cover and Carrier – Optimum Safety for Your Pet during Car Travel

Dog Car Seat Cover and CarrierYou love to take your doggy with you on a drive. However, driving a car with a dog in it can pose many safety risks. Here are tips with which you can minimize those risks and make the experience full of fun.

How about Crates?

As recommended by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, while traveling with dogs of any size in a car, you should secure the dog in a travel-rated carrier or crate, for your Fido’s safety as well as for preventing diversions while driving. Ideally, the carrier should be secured in the back seat if you have a car or the cargo area if you have a minivan, station wagon or SUV, and strapped in so that it won’t slide forward during abrupt stops. The size of the carrier should be big enough to allow the dog to stand up, sit and lie down, and turn around comfortably, but should not even be so big that the dog may be tossed around inside it while the car is moving. It should also offer ample ventilation. To offer extra comfort to your beloved pet, you can line the floor with blankets or even pad all its sides with foam to eliminate all possibilities of injury. You should just make sure that the pet doesn’t chew any of these materials.

Dog Car Seat Cover and Carrier

Is Such a Crate Available?

Yes, it is! Take a look at this dog car seat cover carrier with which your pet does not have to ride in the trunk any more. This carrier makes it possible for you to have your dear pet with you during the car travel without any problem. This seat offers easy cleaning; it produces no scratches on the car seats and acts as a carrier. With this carrier, you will get no more dog hair in the back seat and cleaning is super easy because you just have to wipe the seat cover, that’s all!

Since it is made of a soft material it can neither injure your pet nor will it produce scratches on your seat. Plus, it has mesh on two sides to make it well-ventilated. It comes in very attractive colors too enhancing your car’s décor. Since it’s super comfy, your pet will never show any distress or reluctance to use it, and you’ll face no problem in taking your pet in it during the car ride.

So, when are you going to get this super beautiful, super comfy dog car seat for your lovely pet?