Dog Fence Types

Having a dog fence means a lot both to a pet and an owner; passerby and animals are out of the reach, a pet is in a safe place without using a leash and they cannot explore the neighborhood unattended. If you’re looking for the right variety of dog fences for your own dog, we’re here to help. 

A wooden fence is probably the most expensive solution. If your dogs or intruders try to jump, a wooden fence is a good deterrent. Nevertheless, to prevent rotting, you need to maintain your wooden fence. Also, it can block the view, so for many people it’s not suitable.

A chain link fence is typically very durable and long-lasting. Although they can be very costly, chain link fences can keep intruders out and keep even the largest dogs in.

A picket fence looks very attractive; they don’t block the view completely, and yet they provide a good boundary for the pets. Nevertheless, they cannot keep small animals out and it’s possible for intruders to put things across the openings.

A snow fence consists of rows of posts and pieces of wire mesh fabric attached to them. It’s rather affordable option that can keep the smallest intruders out. Nonetheless, this option isn’t as long-lasting compared to other fences.

An invisible fence consists of a receiver collar on the pet’s neck and an electric wire that is installed underground. The perimeter defines the boundary for the pet and in case he’s getting to close to the boundary, the receiver starts to beep and the dog gets a mild electric shock. These collars can be quite costly and dogs sometimes ignore the mild shock if they see something that’s grabbing their attention enough.

A wireless dog fence is similar to an invisible fence, but it doesn’t require the installation of an underground wire. Using the transmitter, the signal is emitted in a given area and if the dog gets close to the determined boundary, his collar starts to beep, causing a mild electric shock. Check out this portable, rechargeable wireless dog fence to keep your dog safe ; this amazing product will prevent your dog from running away. Collar receiver is rechargeable and waterproof.