Excellent Tips to Make Your Puppy Parenthood Easy and Smooth

puppy training tips

Your doggy is your best friend. But when he is still in puppyhood, it can be quite frustrating and exhausting to train him to behave like humans, because after all he is an animal.

Here are a few useful tips that will make the initial weeks and months of your pet parenthood easy and smooth.

General Training

While dealing with your little doggy, consider her as a baby who doesn’t understand right or wrong and you should teach her. Patience and love are keys.

A crate is a must when housebreaking a puppy. It will provide your baby dog a sense of safety when you are away from him. However, avoid leaving your puppy in the crate for more than 4¬-5 hours at a time.

Another useful tool is baby gates which can close off “restricted spaces” of the home and will make your puppy know where she can go and where she shouldn’t.

To keep your dog’s attention focused on you during training, the command “watch me” is quite useful. With this command, you can gain his attention back if he is distracted by another dog or animal, cars etc.

Another useful command is “go to your spot”, especially for dogs who jump on guests at the door.

Remember to distract her from something you want to prevent her from doing, rather than just telling “no”.

Also, remember that dogs seem to have the only aim of pleasing their parents. If your puppy does something that gets on your nerves, understand that he is not doing it to irritate you. You should just ignore it to show your displeasure rather than yelling at him.

Also, when she does something pleasurable, reward her with lots of hugs, cuddles and even a treat.


While thinking on how to socialize your puppy, remember that while you want him to be well socialized and affectionate, you should also take care to make him independent so that he won’t be stressed if left alone.

Develop a habit in your puppy of meeting as many other dogs and people as possible. Take her to dog parks. Do some research if your dog is of a specialized breed to find local groups with the same breed.

Also, expose your puppy to everything such as various sizes, shapes, sounds, noises, people wearing backpacks, hats, carrying various things, other dogs, etc. so as to help him stay comfortable in any situation.

As a responsible pet parent, you have to maintain the delicate balance of loving your puppy and teaching him to behave. Once you attain this, you can be proud of and enjoy being your puppy’s parent.