French Bulldogs – Things to Consider to Become a Proud Parent of a Great Dog

french bulldogIf you have chosen to bring home a French Bulldog puppy, it’s a wonderful decision. However, before buying this cute pup, you better research well about this wonderful breed, especially of their special needs. You will get useful tips regarding this on the website, French Bulldogs For Sale. Here are some of them.

Special Needs

What are the special needs of Frenchies? These short and sweet puppies look beautiful because of their short stature, innocent face and eyes and big cat ears; but this very petite structure makes them prone to certain health conditions. Even dogs that have won prizes in dog shows and competitions or have got their health screened can give birth to genetically defective puppies. In case of French bulldogs, nothing can be guaranteed 100% that they would have no disease. So, if the people from whom you are buying a pup are guaranteeing you, they are lying; so, you better move to the next breeder or shop.

Beware of Sales Gimmicks

Many sellers are seen to use words like “rare”, “exotic” or “mint” etc which are merely sales gimmicks to which you should not fall prey. Colors don’t make the dog better than others; this is only a trick to fool buyers and reap an extra price. So, beware of these terms. Refer to the AKC color list and you will find that these “rare” colors, like Liver (Chocolate), Mouse (Blue), etc are actually disqualified. Most of these diluted colored dogs actually suffer from chronic allergies or other skin disorders. However, there are several healthy blues too. Just do your research if you are passionate to have a Frenchie of that color.

Another sales gimmick is “rare eye color” i.e. generally blue. This is actually a genetic disorder and not a quality that makes the dog better than others. One more is “mini Frenhcies” which too is not a special quality. You should save yourself from paying extra price for these so-called special qualities.

Beware of Too Cheap Price

If you have come across a price for a Frenchie that is too good to be true, that also is a warning sign. These little cuties are not cheap to breed and raise. They need a lot of care and naturally come with a heavy price tag. In such a case, if you see a Frenchie being sold for $1500 or less, be careful. If they are too cheap, they are most probably improperly brought up and you may end up in trouble.

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