Great Advantages of Artificial Grass to Pets and Pet Parents

dog on Astro turf artificial grassOne of the main reasons people are turning towards artificial grass is their pets. Most artificial grass buyers are pet parents too. However, do their pets really benefit from this grass?

The answer to this question is pets are more than happy with this grass! Dogs gambol around artificial grass not differently than they do around natural grass, with the only difference that the lawn is not damaged during rainy days. Regarding cats, the warm, soft grass is a place just made for unwinding comfortably.

The fact is pets are happy to spend the entire day on artificial grass lawn and still the garden looks always great – obviously because there is no more digging damage or dead grass spots! is a leading manufacturer of artificial grass brand, Astro Turf, with more than 40 years of experience in the flooring business and they are keen in providing great products at incredibly affordable prices. A father-and-son venture, the company adds a special personal touch to their products that you would expect from a family-run business.

Reason to tell you this is because I have got a picture from one of their clients whose dog is in a great mood while playing on Astro Turf. Look at the beautiful picture.

dog on Astro turf artificial grass

Why is Artificial Grass Beneficial for Pets?

  • Dogs love artificial grass because they find the grass soft and fun to run and play on. Moreover, they can enjoy playing there all through the year. No more sun-dried, hard, too muddy-to-play grass! No more curfew days because of addition of fertilizers or insecticides!
  • Great product for pet parents too because there is no more dog wear and tear, smells or stains. The grass is permeable, so urine will drain through and faeces can be washed easily. And the grass’s fibers will remain totally unharmed!
  • No more muddy paws or patches when the pets will enter the house, as they come from the non-muddy artificial grass.
  • Your garden will look lush green all through the year with no dog diggings or smells of urine or faeces – a clean, safe and odour-free garden which you, your dog and your family will enjoy!
  • The artificial grass can’t be chewed up by the pets and also can cope with heavy rain. It’s UV-fast and doesn’t bleach over time!
  • When it’s dirty, just hose it off and you are done!

The list of advantages is unending!

So, make this beautiful addition to your garden and make your pet happy!