Grooming Tips – Using Dog Clippers

dog clippers grooming tipsDo you consider saving some money by grooming your dog at home? Using dog clippers isn’t a rocket science, but before you try it yourself, read our helpful tips and tricks to make this process easier for both you and your beloved pet. 

Prep phase. First of all, you should bath and brush your dog. Doing it before the grooming session makes grooming easier and less painful; it’s a smooth way to get rid of clumps and tangles.

Buy the right tools. For grooming your puppy on your own, you need a comb, a slicker brush and a clipper. To find the best dog clipper for your pet it’s highly recommend to test different products and opt for one that’s making the least noise. If your dog isn’t distressed by loud noises, you should choose the one that makes you most comfortable working with.

Keep your clipper sharp and try not to push it too fast to avoid leaving lines. Go with the growth of your puppy’s hair to achieve the natural, smooth looking coat. Otherwise, you’ll leave harsh lines.

Clippers get hot and it’s possible to burn your pet with them. To avoid this, turn them off regularly to test the temperature (by touching the clippers). If they’re too hot, spray on lubricant or coolant. Also, you could try to cool the blades down by putting them on something cold (preferably made of metal).

Every breed is different and every dog is unique. Before attempting to start grooming your pets yourself, make sure you learn about the proper way to clip the coat of the specific breed and get to know your dog’s coat. Although professionals do this quickly, it’s a good idea to see a pro groomer one more time and see how they’re working with your dog.

If you have a new furry family member, start with your grooming sessions as soon as possible. It’s the best way to get your pets used to the process; they’ll behave better and help you avoid injuries and mistakes.