People Foods You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog

dogs eating people foodEverybody knows it: dogs simply adore eating people food. In fact, it’s really hard to resist tossing dogs a piece of your snacks when they look at you with their beautiful eyes which send the message “please, give me some food, I’m really hungry”. Nevertheless, feeding your pets the wrong foods can sometimes be fatal. Although there are certain people foods, vegetables and fruits dogs can eat, right now we’ll focus on things that should be avoided. 

Avocado – You might find it shocking, but dogs are allergic to avocados, more precisely to the persin (fungicide made by avocado itself). Since this substance can be found in leaves and seeds of an avocado tree, keep your pets away if you have avocado trees in your backyard. And, of course, when you eat guacamole, make sure you don’t give it to your dog.

Milk – While humans have enzymes that break down lactose, well at least some people do, dogs have these enzymes but not too much of them. For that reason, if your doggy eats/drinks milk, it can lead to intestinal upset and/or diarrhea. The only beverage you should give to your puppy is water.

Grapes/Raisins – For some reason (even vets and scientists are not sure why) feeding dogs with grapes and/or raisins might lead to kidney failure. Since a small amount could be dangerous, it’s good to keep an eye when your children eat raisins and grapes as a snack. If there’s a chance your dog has eaten these fruits, take it to the vet as soon as possible.

Bones – Surprise! Dogs and bones don’t go hand in hand like we used to think. For an animal that isn’t experienced in eating and hunting wild animals, eating bones can be dangerous. Since bone splinters could lodge in your pet’s throat and, in more severe cases, digestive tract can be punctured, you should avoid giving your dog a bone. For a picture-perfect “dog with his bone”, opt for bone-shaped treats and toys.