Tips on Dog-Proofing Your Yard

dog proofingMost dog owners know how to make their home a safe and happy place for their beloved pets. However, it’s important to dog-proof your outdoor spaces, too. Here are easy and useful tips on protecting your four-legged companions from backyard dangers!

Opt for dog-safe flowers. Many beautiful flowers including amaryllis, azaleas, daffodils and tulips could be poisonous for your dog. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of having a seasonal flowerbed in your garden, only that you need to be careful when choosing the flower species you’ll grow. It’s recommended to talk to your pet’s vet about safe plants for canine before putting on your gardening gloves.

Make sure your fence has no weak spots. Your yard probably has a fence (if not, consider building one!), but even so smaller dogs could slip through tiny holes and gaps you might not notice. For that reason, it’s of high importance to regularly check the fence to make sure there are no weak spots there. A fence panel that will keep your dog(s) in and predators out is highly recommended, too. In case you have a swimming pool, a pool area has to be fenced, even if your furry companion can swim.

Maintain your lawns and landscape on a regular basis. Removing debris and trimming tall, high grasses and branches will help you keep your dog safe from ticks. If you treat lawns with fertilizer, pesticide or insecticide, keep your dog(s) off those areas. In general, it’s best to avoid using such chemicals because of their toxicity, but if it’s necessary, ask your vet about the way to do that dog-safely.

Shade and water have to be provided. Most dogs enjoy being outdoors, playing and running year-round, even though heat sickness and/or dehydration often happen in sunny, hot weather. To prevent that from happening, provide your pets plenty of shade, fresh water supplies and the possibility to come inside if they need it.

So, if you’re among lucky ones that have a yard, follow above-mentioned tips and dog-proof your pet’s favorite place to be. Both you and your pet will be happier!