Top 8 Tips to Make Traveling with Dogs a Great Fun

Traveling with DogsHave you been upset because you can’t take your beloved pooch with you when you go on a vacation? It’s surprising that many of the pet parents who are ardent travelers too find it difficult to take their doggies with them on travel. The fact is that with a little extra planning and research, you can take your furry family member with you and that would actually make your holiday even more enjoyable. Here are a few tips.

1. Buy a Pet Carrier

Traveling with dogs becomes a lot more fun when your pet sits comfortably in a pet carrier and looks at the world from there. There are so many types and sizes of them available on the market, ones that fit dogs from up to 10 lbs. to even up to 55 lbs. They are available in multiple colors and you can personalize them with labels. Even pet carrier hoodies are also available that can keep you and your pet safe from weather elements at the same time.

Pet Carrier

2. Train Your Dog

Now that your fido will go out and see the world outside your home, they need to learn a few things other than the ones they’ve already learned.

It your dog is already following the basic commands like “sit” and “stay”, that will be a great help to you while managing the dog while traveling. If your dog is well-trained, you can leave them without worries in your hotel room with their toy box while you visit a museum or art gallery or go for a nice dinner.

Plus, if your dog is well-behaved, people are more likely to agree to your requests. If the dog is rowdy or keeps barking and doesn’t listen, people are less likely to prefer letting them be around.

Therefore, before you leave, consider working on manners and obedience and make sure your fluffy friend makes friends with others too. Working with a certified trainer is also a good idea.

Family Pooch toy box

3. Keep the Dog Hydrated

While traveling, you can easily forget certain essential things to do with your dog which you do at home. One of them is keeping your dog hydrated. Giving your pooch adequate water is important to protect them from dehydration, keep the balance of nutrients in their body, help in digestion, maintain body temperature and more. The Family Pooch Portable Pet Dog Water Bottle is an excellent way to give your furry pal water whenever they need it while traveling.

Family Pooch Portable Pet Dog Water Bottle

4. Don’t Forget to Pack the Essentials

The thought of taking your beloved four-legged friend on a holiday may excite you so much that you may forget that they’d need a few essential supplies for yours and their comfort. Some of these are:

  • Dog food and water
  • Treats
  • Food bowls and water bottles for travel
  • Leash and harness
  • ID tags
  • Flea and tick medicines
  • Other medicines if any
  • Travel documents and medical records
  • Dog bed
  • Toys

Family Pooch travel dog bowls

When you’d pack your dog’s toys, consider packing some snuffle mats. These are the best way to keep your curious sniffer intrigued and mentally healthy, just in case you’ve to leave them alone in the hotel room while going on a sight-seeing tour.

Family Pooch snuffle mats

5. Get Your Dog Microchipped and Have Other IDs

It’s nothing more disastrous than having your dog lost in the crowd. Although you’ll be extra careful about your dog’s safety, to be on an even safer side, you should make sure you get your dog microchipped, so that in case if your beloved pet is lost, you don’t have to get a heart attack and can easily get them back.

In order to prevent them from losing in the first place, invest in a new high-quality, strong and sturdy leash and collar. Attach identification tags to the collar. The tags should include information like the dog’s name, your name, your home and mobile phone number, and proof of rabies shots.

strong and sturdy leash and collar

6. Make Copies of the Dog’s Documents

If you’ll be traveling with your dog internationally, remember to keep the dog’s health records at hand and make copies of the same. They are important to prove that your dog is healthy and properly vaccinated. Officials generally ask to see the documents and depending on their practice, they may keep the originals or make a copy.

Also, if you have to visit a new vet in the new country, you can provide the documents as a convenient way to let the vet know the medical history of your dear pooch.

For such situations, it’s a good idea to keep multiple copies of your dog’s documents. These should also include digital copies on your phone.

7. Give Potty Training

When you travel, it’s very important to train your dog to relieve themselves on various types of surfaces – not only grass or concrete! Having trained them to potty on various surfaces, including gravel, grass and concrete will reduce their discomfort and also the risk of accidents while you’re in a bus or a similar situation. Always carry a supply of bags to clean up later.

8. Make Canine Friends

Just like humans, dogs too are social animals. While roaming around a city or village, you may encounter other dogs and their parents to whom you and your dog can befriend. These dog parents will be your great source of information about popular local hangouts, the best canine-friendly eateries, the best vets and so on. With their help, you and your pup can have a great time.

You don’t have to take separate time to find dog friends; just go for a walk with your pooch around the neighborhood and talk to dog people. Also, visit a nearby dog park. This is a great place to let your dog exercise and socialize. Major cities should have dog parks, but if you don’t find one, ask local dog parents online about unofficial places where your dog can have a good frolic.

Another great source of information is local pet shops. Many of them post flyers for local dog services or give information on local dog-related events and activities to let you and your canine best friend have great outdoor fun!

Make Canine Friends

I hope these tips will relieve you from the stress of not being able to travel with your furry friends. Follow them and have a great dog vacation!