3 Top-Notch Tips on Finding Puppies for Sale

When looking for a new puppy, it’s crucial to find a responsible breeder. Why? A breeder is more than just a bridge between you and your new best four-legged friend, he or she is someone you can rely on throughout your pet’s lifetime. Therefore it is essential to decide on a breeder carefully. Hopefully, we have several tips for you that will surely help you find and work with responsible breeders!

#1 Get to Know the Breeder

Yes, by that we mean that you should meet in person someone from whom you plan to buy a puppy. During COVID-19 Pandemic, this important tip is easier to say than to follow. Nevertheless, there are always ways to overcome this issue. A video conference can also be a good way to meet a breeder and their dogs at the kennel or in their home. What should you observe? First take a closer look on how the puppies and dogs interact with the breeder. If you notice strange behaviour, aggressiveness or lack of passion – look for another breeder! Furthermore, the premises should be odor-free and clean.

#2 Get to Know Your Puppy’s Biological Parents

If you want to get more information on how your new puppy would grow up, regarding the size, its physical appearance and the temperament, look at his parents! Your breeder should let you meet and interact with at least one of them too.

#3 Be Curious

You should prepare a list of questions regarding the breed and the puppy, especially if you don’t have experience as a dog owner or with certain breed. The right breeders will be more than happy to answer and explain everything you need to know, because they would like to see their puppies in loving and happy homes. Ask for your potential puppy’s full medical history and make sure you get all the information on typical health conditions that are likely to affect the breed.

If you expect to google Long Island puppies for sale, meet the perfect breeder and buy a puppy the same day (or even an hour), you’ll probably end up quite disappointed. The breeders usually keep their puppies at the kennel until they reach 2 or 3 months of their lives. The reason is simple: the puppies need to mature and to socialize with their mom and mates. Use this time to prepare your home and get everything you need for your new puppy before you welcome it home.