Stunning Varieties of Rare Betta Fish

Betta Fish

Due to their attractive and varied color patterns and shapes, betta fish are one of the most popular fish types among aquarium lovers. Their classifying criteria are also varied. They are typically classified by their colors, tail types and patterns. For new hobbyists, these fish may be a bit frightening due to their aggressive behavior. However, if you feed them properly and care for them well, having them is a rewarding experience.

Elephant Ear Betta

Elephant Ear Betta is a very unique fish which neither comes under a particular color category, tail category or pattern category, but its distinguished feature is its pectoral fins. Since these fins resemble the ears of an elephant, the fish has got this name. Elephant Ear Bettas are also known as Dumbo Bettas and have a unique shape. Their fins usually have striking colorations.

Elephant ear bettas occur also in the wild, but with more dull coloration from gray, brown and dark green. In aquariums however, they are found in more brilliant colorations like bright turquoise, yellow, red and blue.

Blue Betta

Blue betta has so many different shades of blue. The most common shades are steel blue and royal blue. These are absolutely gorgeous and vibrant.

Blue Betta

Halfmoon Betta

As apparent from its name, the tail of the half-moon betta is large and forms a half circle resembling the half moon. This fish is bred strictly in captivity. So, they don’t occur in the wild.

Half-moon Bettas are usually bred by experts for exhibition during Betta shows. First bred in the 1980s, the Half-moon Betta soon reached Europe and then became globally famous. This fish is quite aggressive and is a bit challenging to breed.

Rosetail Betta

Rosetail betta is a variation of the half-moon. The total spread of the caudal fin is bigger than 180°. A special feature of this fish is that the rays of its tail are especially branchy. This branchy pattern offers it a gorgeous look and makes the caudal fin appear like a rose, and hence the name.

If the tail becomes branchy with a ruffled look, it’s considered to be a Feathertail.

Pink Betta

The pink betta sometimes appears virtually translucent. Since they look transparent, they are often confused with the albino variation. This fish has almost no pigment and its flesh shines through its skin.

Although there are so many types of betta, all these varieties are so beautiful that you’d like to have any of them to make your aquarium look stunning.