What Do Guppies Need?

According to numerous studies, having a pet is incredibly healthy. Some people, however, don’t have a lifestyle that’s suits owning a dog, a cat or a bird. A pet fish might be the perfect solution for them. Since not every fish is both fun to watch and easy to keep, for a novice aquarist, I’d suggest the gruppy. If you want to have this colorful fish around for a while, here are some things it needs to survive in a home.

Space – In order to enable gruppies to move around freely, you should provide them enough room. As a general rule, there should be approximately 2 gallons of water per guppy.

Social Life – A gruppy likes hanging around with other gruppies. It would be great if you could keep at least 3 gruppies in aquarium. In case you don’t want to deal with babies, getting only girls or only boys would be a good idea. Although gruppies are social, they shouldn’t be kept with fish that are large enough to eat them.

Clean Water – Using a filtration system is necessary if you want to keep the tank water clean. Nevertheless, in order to be sure ammonia levels are okay, as well as the presence of other chemicals, you should change out approximately 1/3 of the tank water with seasoned water on a weekly basis.

Other Conditions – When it comes to lighting, gruppies need about 13h of light a day. It doesn’t have to be extremely bright in the tank, but the whole space should be clearly illuminated. Optimal tank temperature is around 77°F. Guppies can survive without food for up to 3 weeks. Yes, that means you can go on a honeymoon without worrying whether they’ll survive your long trip or not. They are omnivorous, so they can eat whatever you give them. However, don’t overfeed them to avoid making the water dirty, as well as to prevent guppy constipation and similar medical conditions.

So, as I’ve already said, guppies are low- maintenance pets, and yet they are so gorgous and diverse. If you give them everything they need, which is not too much, a guppy can live up to 3 years.