4 Easy Ideas for Animal Fundraising

Animal fundraising

We always feel bad when we see abandoned, sick, malnourished animals roaming aimlessly on streets. We feel like doing something for them. But not always do we have the required money. In that case, fundraising for animals is a good idea. Instead of just requesting people to donate money, if we can arrange some amusing activities for the donors, they too will enjoy it, and we can get the required money for the animals in need of good food, shelter, medications and other necessities. Here are some ideas.

1. Organize Concerts

Although concerts are quite expensive to arrange, they are big money-makers too. Also, you can find several celebrities who may participate for free or less money, because most celebs are concerned about animals and are actively involved in animal fundraising already. While organizing concerts, you’ll have to think about your audience. For example, a concert for college students will differ from one for families. So, arrange venue and performers accordingly.

2. Arrange Auctions

Auctions appeal to the competitive spirits of everyone and allow donors to enjoy the excitement of bidding. But you’ll need items that are really sought after. Once you collect and display these items, you can run either a live or silent auction. It’s best to run a combination of both, because it will enable your organization to exploit the fundraising opportunity. It’s a good idea to name the items and auction packages after the animals for whom you’re raising the funds.

3. Organize a Bingo Night

Bingo is an easy and fun game that can be played even by young kids. So, a weekend night just for playing bingo is a great idea for fundraising for animals. This is also a great opportunity to inform people about your animal welfare cause. Remind invitees of your cause all through the night and cheer them up for making contributions.

4. Garage Sale or Used Book Sale

You might have many items and books in your house that have been carefully used and are in a good condition. You can keep them for sale and use the earnings from the sale for your cause. People will be pleased to buy things or books at low costs and it’s also a great way to empty your house of things you will no longer use and books that you will no longer read.

Using your creativity you can arrange many activities for people who can donate. Use a new idea every time and get funds for your noble cause with ease.