5 Excellent Ways to Respect Your Pet’s Sweet Memories

unique one-of-a-kind art

We all respect the memories of our dear ones in some form or the other depending on our culture and traditions. But not all traditions show the way to respect the memories of our beloved pets. Still, our love and respect for our pets will never be less and we can find ways to remember them. Here are a few such ways.

1. Make a Scrapbook

An awesome way to honor your pet’s memories is to create a scrapbook or photo collage. You might have several photos of your adorable pet which you can keep stored in the book and decorate it in whatever way you want to make it look beautiful.

2. Special Place for Your Pet’s Ashes

You can place your pet’s ashes in a beautiful vase or bury them in a meaningful spot. The spot may be the favorite roaming place of your pet, like a garden, a mountain etc.

3. Creating One-of-a-kind Art for Our Pets

This is a unique service, Pet Memorial Art, through which you can get an image created from the extracted chemical composition of “Veterinary Authenticated Ash”. This image is created by generating a microscopic crystal structure of the size of a pinhead from the chemical essence and is digitally captured under polarization through light microscopy techniques, thus emerging as an exclusive art image.

This is an abstract image and is created for evoking the heartwarming memories you shared with your beloved pet.

unique one-of-a-kind art

4. Create a Live Memorial

Planting a live tree, flowering plant, climber or bush on your pet’s name is an awesome way to remember and respect your pet. You can even ascribe a small plaque to an urn or flowerpot in your home, with your pet’s name and story on it or even the abovementioned abstract image, so that you can view it all the time and remember your loyal companion.

5. Write Something about Your Pet

If you have a quirk of writing, jot down your emotions in the form of a story or poem and decorate the book so that you and others can read it anytime you or they want. Writing is an excellent way to let your submerged feelings to flow freely and lighten your heavy heart. And while writing you’ll also realize how much you loved your pet and how intensely you wanted to be with them always.

Nothing can make us feel sad as losing a pet’s loyal and unconditional love forever. It’s just normal to find a way to express feelings for your pet. So, go ahead and embrace the memories.