5 Unique Ideas to Honor Your Pet’s Cremated Ashes

Pet Memory Art

Oftentimes the sorrow of the death of a pet is more than that of even a close relative because an animal gives unconditional love and is loyal for the lifetime. Or sometimes a person may not have any close relative, but only pets. In any case, death of pets causes great grief and pet parents heartily wish to honor their memories in some way. Here are a few ideas with which you can respect your beloved pet’s cremated ashes in a dignified way.

1. Bury

It’s a great idea to bury the pet’s cremation ashes in a pet cemetery, your yard or a place favorite of the pet. This gives your pet a dignified burial.

2. Water Burial

Water burials are performed since centuries in the honor of people and nowadays it’s done for pets too. This includes scattering of the pet’s ashes in the ocean or other water body. You can rent a boat and go out on the ocean and perform the water burial of your pet’s cremated ashes. You can also perform a ceremony in the presence of family and friends and reflect on your dear pet.

3. Creating a Wonderful Piece of Art – PET MEMORY ART

As a reminder of your pet’s being there for you, something they leave behind can endure and remind you of moments they gave you a friendship like no other. The talented artists at Pet Memory Art create one-of-a-kind art for your pets, through which you can get an image created from the extracted chemical composition of “Veterinary Authenticated Ash.” This image is created by generating a microscopic crystal structure, digitally captured under polarization through light microscopy techniques, emerging as an exclusive art image. This is an abstract image created by Pet Memorial Art for evoking the heartwarming memories you shared with your beloved pet.

Pet Memory Art

4. Scatter

One of the best ways to do with the cremated ashes of your pet is to scatter them. You can do this at a park, your favorite camping or hiking spot or even in your yard. However, remember to get permission first before scattering it in a public place. Most pets adore outdoors and therefore scattering their ashes in the nature is an excellent way to respect their memories.

5. Include in a Firework

Another great option to honor your pet’s cremated ashes is to include them in a firework that you can view while it explodes in a beautiful array of colors.

Choose one of these options and get the satisfaction of doing something to honor your pet for the awesome things they did for you.