5 Useful Tips to Make Your Home Aquarium a Success with Just the Right Fish

neon tetra at Real AquaticsFor making a home aquarium successful, choosing the right fish is very important. You cannot just pick up fish that look beautiful. The fish you choose should be able to survive in the environment you create for him. Also not all fish get along well with each other. So, you should consider a few things while selecting the right fish for your aquarium.

1. Look at the Fish Carefully

You will find a lot of amazing fish for sale in a pet store all of which you may feel like buying. But take a look at each of them to make sure they are active and moving around properly. Check whether their fins are not looking chewed or there are no white vague patches on their bodies.

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2. Consider Tank Conditions

The condition of the tank in the pet store can contain disease-causing microbes that you may not see immediately. So, observe other fish in the tank and also observe the tank conditions. An unclean tank can mean that the dealer is not taking proper care of the tanks. Make sure all other fish are swimming around properly. Never buy a fish from a tank having dead fish floating.

3. Water Condition and Number of Fish

Consider the water condition of your tank and the number of fish it already contains. It’s not advisable to add fish to a tank with poor water condition and also if you already have a lot of fish because that will cause stress to other fish you have and degrade the quality of water further.

In general, in case of freshwater tropical fish, there should be 1 inch of fish per gallon of water. If you add too many fish, you will need to change water again and again, and also you’ll need a really good filtration so as to keep your tank status healthy.

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4. Fish Size

Before buying a new fish, check how big he will eventually grow. Because your tank can be good for about 1 inch of fish per gallon, adding a fish that may grow up to 5 inches in your 5-gallon tank is not advisable. Or else, it will be the only fish you can have.

5. Type of Fish

Check if the fish you are planning to buy is aggressive or friendly. Also is he fine being alone of its kind or will be better being in a school. Make sure you choose friendly fish as aggressive ones will soon finish the other fish in your tank.

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An aquarium containing colorful fish can be a great feature of your living room. You should just choose the right fish and you’ll get praises for it.