Silly Legacy – A Must-have for Pet Parents

Silly Legacy gray

We love our pets. They are like family to us, and they have the same rights. However, we know they are not always the tidiest when it comes to sharing the bed with us. You have surely experienced friends and relatives give you weird looks for allowing a cat or dog on the bed and couch, and you can’t blame them. You agree that your pet sheds, and sometimes digs in the yard and rolls in the dust which you cannot prevent; after all, they need to have fun, too. You can’t bathe them every time… So, what do you do?

Silly Legacy offers a Waterproof Bedding Protector for dog or cat hair, dirt or accidents! A dog that likes to roll on the ground outside? A cat that throws up furballs? A puppy potty training? An incontinent pet that urinates on the bed?

Simple Solution

You know how it feels when you close the bedroom door and hear your furry friend cry outside… With Silly Legacy cover on your bed, you can allow your pet to roll on your bed and save the comforter and sheets.

Colorful choices

This pet-proof bed cover is available in three colors – gray, teal and brown, and is reversible in two shades.

Silly Legacy green

Lightweight and Breathable

Silly Legacy bed cover is PVC and vinyl free. It is made with waterproof polyurethane, which is lightweight and breathable. You can sleep comfortably with it, even in summer months.

Silly Legacy brown

King and Queen Size

Silly Legacy, the Waterproof Comforter Protector is available in King and Queen size and will cover your entire bed.

Silly Legacy gray

Easy to Maintain

The cover is easily washed and dried. Or it can be just wiped clean or spot treated.

Where can You Use it?

You can use it on the bed, the couch, the floor, car seat, crate, or any other place in your home which you want to protect from messy pets.

With the Silly Legacy pet proof cover, you can now be worry-free, and be the best pet parent by allowing your pet to snuggle on the bed with you!