Do you know which top 10 most expensive pets in the world are?

Hyacinth MacawAs we all know, there are many highly paid people in the world, we should also know that pets are also in this race. We also have the most expensive pets in the world whose price is more than our total bank balance and exceeds the total cost we invest in our entire life. For most people, to buy such pets is obviously impossible and they can only watch them on TV, laptops, social media, etc. has created Infographic on the Cost of Pets.

These are a lot of lucky pets that get so much attention and overly royal treatment. These pets are bought by paying millions and millions of dollars. You all must be curious to watch how these creatures look like and why they are so expensive. Have a look at the list given below:


These are one of the most expensive birds with extreme beauty and lots of qualities. These are very rare. They cost from $5000-$10000. Its name has been derived from Portuguese meaning ‘Topetoucan.’ They are found in central and southern America. This bird is very well known because of its beautiful colorful beak. The family has four different species and all are unique in themselves. They have short legs but are very strong and sturdy.


De Brazza’s monkey:

They cost around $7000-$10000. They are also called swamp monkey and are found in wetlands of central Africa. They are very hard to find because they have innate and superior hiding habit. They have a short lifespan from 20years-22years.

De brazza’s monkey

Hyacinth Macaw:

They cost from around $14000 and are rare species. It’s the biggest macaw species; it is also world’s largest flying parrot. It is the tallest to all species known to man. It is native to the eastern and central region of South America. They are extremely popular as a home pet or domestic pet. They have very powerful beak used to eat fruits, nuts and seeds. Their beak is so strong that they can even crack the hard shell of a coconut. Pine nuts are their favorite.

Hyacinth Macaw

Palm cockatoo:

It is worth $16,000 or even more; it is famous for its beautiful color that is smoky gray-black with radiant red spots on its head. It belongs to Probosciger and it is a unique species among this family. Its length is 55cm to 60cm and weight is 910gm to 1200gm. It’s an expensive bird to keep.

Palm cockatoo

Stag beetle:

It costs around $89,000. It is one of the largest stag beetle species that make it more expensive. It is rare and can’t be found very easily. It has black and blood colored mandibles originating from its head. It’s a member of Lucanidae family that contains more than 1200 species in it. The creature is around 1 to 3 inches in size. The one brought to the retailer was 2inch-3inch in length. The Japanese breeder old this weird creature for $89,000 and on the spot payment was done.

Stag beetle

White lion cubs:

Its price is $138,000. South African wildlife reserve is their habitat and it is a very rare animal. Global White Lion Protection Trust reported that there are only 300 white lions living in this world.

White lion cubs

Sir Lancelot Encore:

It has worth of $155,000. It’s a result of dog cloning procedure so it’s unique and obviously rare. A couple cloned it after losing their original dog in 2008 because of cancer. The result was this dog. They both got a lot of fame.

Sir Lancelot Encore

Tibetan Mastiff:

It is worth of $582,000. It’s one of the most costly dogs that you can keep as a pet. This $582,000 is the average price; it can even exceed.

Tibetan Mastiff

Miss Missy:

It’s worth $1,900,000. It is a Canadian Holstein Cow and belongs to the Mosan farm. These cows live in a climate controlled environment and are given a controlled diet, which makes their milk extremely healthy and tasty.

Miss Missy

Green Monkey:

It’s worth $ 160,000. It’s an American Thoroughbred race horse and was sold in 2006 at the record price.

Green Monkey