How to Keep Pet Friendly Accommodation Clean

pet-friendly-apartmentMany pet lovers who own hotels and accommodation would like to make their rooms and apartments pet friendly. However, keeping these places both clean and pet friendly can be quite challenging.

In order to win the war against animal fur, it’s important to have a high quality vacuum cleaner. Since there are many people prone to allergies nowadays, a vacuum with a high grade filter might be the best choice. To suction hairs of curtains and sofas, you can use the upholstery tool on a cleaner. When it comes to those gadget that use adhesive rollers to lift up hairs, in my opinion, they are not as effective as they should be. For blankets, beds and chairs, it’s better to use a wet rubber glove and to brush these areas where pets sit. After the cleaning, rinse the gloves under the tap, but make sure you scoop the hair out of the drain and drop it into the waste container.

Although quilted pet baskets might look so cute, cozy and snug, they are hopeless when it comes to cleaning. Maybe you could keep them in your own home, but as far as hotels are concerned, pet bedding needs to be easy to disinfect and clean out regularly. Otherwise, the pet beds in your pet friendly accommodation will become home to fleas and mites. Odors can be removed by sprinkling baking soda in pet furniture. It is an effective and harmless way to freshen both the bedding and guests’ pets.

Finally, it’s important to supply your guests with enough towels and grooming tools and to encourage them to carry out regular grooming. You could also hire groomers and offer their service (maybe even for free). Since fur caught at pet beauty parlor won’t be lining your carpets and rugs, it’s worth considering.