Pay Tribute to Your Deceased Cat with Memorial Products

cat urnsYour cat is the love of your life. You woke up every morning with hugs and kisses.  No matter how you felt, your cat was there for you ready to play and give really loud purrs for cuddle time.  Your cat became suddenly sick one day and unfortunately died. You need to pay tribute to your deceased cat with memorial products. Here are some ideas to fit their personality.

Usually a cat is not buried but instead cremated. There are beautiful urns with gorgeous designs that will fit into the home décor or as a show case for a place of special tribute.  This is how memorial cat products are designed, with quality, integrity, and love in mind.

Your cat’s weight is important for the correct size to choose from in an urn. Check for organic materials that make the urn environmentally friendly. Here are some ideas of cat memorial products to think about.

If the cat loved yarn and string to play with, then a ball of yarn urn in their favorite color will be a playful tribute.  There could be a holder for their collar, toy, or memento. There can be laminated photos of the cat throughout the years, from being a kitten to being an active teenager to an adult. These can be displayed above the urn.

If your cat was a female, then add a feminine touch with cat memorial products. A soft silhouetted heart sitting in its holder will be a beautiful resting place.  It can be hand crafted and made from sold brass. These types of cat memorials can hold up to thirty pounds before cremation.  Place in their favorite window that they loved to sunbathe in.  Or add to a special shelve in the curio cabinet or mantle.

Use the cat’s tags for personalization attached to the urn. Or keep them as a treasured reminder and order a cat memorial name plate instead. Engraved with your cat’s name and one more line for personalization, the name plate’s material should be a close match to design and color. Most are made out of pewter.

A touch of elegance in brass that is polished with a soft sheen along with a patterned design, will give your cat a memorial tribute fit for royalty. A cat memorial product like this will be a very special and loving thought from you.

It is sad to let your cat go, but cat memorial products are there for you in every step to help you pay tribute to your beloved kitty.  Just explore your options and go with their personality and attitude that would make a perfect choice when choosing an urn.