Silver Pet Print – Jewelry Inspired by Your Pet

Our pets are not just animals, they are our family members and we really do love them. Some people keep tea or coffee cups with their pet’s photos on it when they go to their job. Looking at your family photos when you have a hard working day is somehow calming and motivating. But, your home wouldn’t be the same without your pet, so somewhere you surely have something that will remind you of your furry companion. Nowadays, you can print your pet’s photo on T-shirts, magnets and key chains. But, now we will talk about something a little bit different. Pet inspired jewelry – Silver Pet Print.

Sometimes you feel like you would like to take them with you anywhere you go. It is not possible, but you can have a piece of jewelry that would remind you of your pet waiting for you to cuddle when you arrive home. Silver Pet Print is the company inspired by our lovely four-legged family members. You get the unique piece of jewelry with your pet’s paw print on the front and its name on the back of the item. These jewelry pieces are made of fine silver (the part of the jewelry with your pet print on it) and the sterling jewelry (the other parts of the item). What can you find here? Paw print key rings, charms, pendants and cufflinks. It is an incredible birthday gift for your beloved or the item you can order for yourself to take the memory of your cat or dog wherever you go. Personally, I fell in love with those lovely heart shaped paw print charms. They are simply adorable!

Check out the Silver Pet Print website on for more information on products, how you can order and other things that you might be interested in.