5 Simple Yet Effective Tips to Keep Your Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Fish Healthy and Happy

freshwater tropical aquarium fishIf you have freshwater tropical fish in your aquarium, you are bound to enjoy a lot with their amazing plethora of colors, shapes and sizes. However, you should also know how to care for them. Only then they will be healthy and happy. Also it will save you from time-consuming and expensive problems in the long run. Swimming Fish is the best portal to discover more about freshwater tropical aquarium fish. Their experts share here tips on caring for these fish.

1. Acclimatization

Fish are delicate. Get known from the store assistant about what their water parameters should be for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH levels. Test the aquarium water regularly for its chemistry. The higher the differences, the longer will you require acclimating your fish.

2. Acclimate by Floating Your Fish Bag

To make your fish acclimatized for the temperature of your aquarium, float its sealed bag in the aquarium at least for 15 minutes, but not more than an hour. Then open the bag and add to it a little water from your aquarium. Keep repeating every five minutes till the bag is full. This will acclimate the fish slowly and not with a sudden shock. Take the bag out from the aquarium and pour off its water slowly as much as you can without disturbing your aquatic life. Now lower the bag towards the aquarium floor and let your fish enter its new home.

3. Give Your Fish Enough Room

You may love to see many colorful fish in your aquarium; but just think of the fish too! If your tank is too small for many fish, oxygen levels in the water will drop. Another problem is of accumulation of excessive waste matter. This clogs the filter and deteriorates the water in the aquarium. Moreover, overcrowding can also cause more fatalities. Check with a specialist for the correct size of your aquarium according to your fish number.

4. Conditioning of Water

Water to fish is same like air to humans. For the long term health of your fish, water quality is very important. Tap water has several properties that should be balanced once it goes to your aquarium so as to make the aquatic life thrive. For this, you should condition water correctly by adding a biological, de-chlorinating supplement to the water.

5. Maintain the pH Level of Water Properly

pH is the unit of measuring acidity or alkalinity of your aquarium water. You can find it out with a pH test kit. For freshwater aquarium fish, pH level should be from 6.6 to 7.8 based on species. This will also provide an antiseptic effect naturally because of which your fish can resist ailments.

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