8 Innovative Products to Ensure the Safety of Your Beloved Pet

Warm Winter Coat for DogsYour pet is your most beloved companion and you can’t take a risk with his safety and well-being. Fortunately, today there are several tools and gadgets available that can guarantee the safety of your pet. Here are some such tools that you can consider using so that you can offer a highest security to your pet and get the desired peace of mind.

1. Safety Collar for Dogs

You might have used dog collars earlier, but have you considered using a glowing collar so that your pet can be seen to you and others, especially motorists, in the dark? This safety collar for dogs by petjoymarket.com is an amazing product that guarantees your pet’s safety. It’s an Anchol USB rechargeable glowing dog collar band with which you can make sure your doggy is safe on dark evening walks. Because it can be charged through a USB charging point, you don’t have to worry about batteries running out of charge and changing them. When you charge the band, it gets power to generate highly visible light which can be seen from up to 500 metres so that motorists can know about your pet’s presence.

The collar can be cut to any length with scissors to fit your pet. It has very convenient three light settings, viz. Slow Flash, Quick Flash and Steady Glow. The USB rechargeable collar can be charged via phone chargers, tablets, PCs, laptops and smart TV’s USB power adapters (including Micro USB cable). So, you need not waste money on batteries, and also can prevent bio-waste. This collar is eco-friendly.

Are you concerned about your beloved furry friend’s comfort? Don’t worry. This collar is perfectly comfortable for your dog and he can be safe because it works both in darkness and low light conditions. And it’s weatherproof too. So, you need not worry about rainy or other conditions – it’ll work well in all conditions. And it’s available in a range of attractive colors.

Safety Collar for Dogs

2. Pet GPS Tracker

Especially cats, but even some dogs, are in a habit of roaming. Now you can track your pet’s activities with this innovative GPS tracker which is waterproof, so, you need not worry if it would work during rainy or stormy conditions. It works on existing GPRS network and GPS satellites. This product too is brought to you by petjoymarket.com.

The tracker has multiple functions, including security, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms, tracking and management. This tracker can locate as well as monitor your pet via internet. It supports AGPS, GPS, GLONASS and LBS, and features voice monitoring, multi-mode positioning, historical track, waterproof Geo-fence etc. Thus it sends you a Geo-fence alert if your pet breaches the restricted area. It also sends you a movement alert if your pet starts moving. And it also sends a low battery alert if the battery is low, so that you can keep the battery always charged.

Since it features real-time online tracking, you can know where your beloved pet is, within no time. You can view the map and target position on your cell phone screen.

Pet GPS Tracker

3. Pet Blanket

Just like the amazing safety collar for dogs, this multifunctional pet blanket is brought to you by petjoymarket.com. It ensures that your pet is safe from cold and you can use it outdoors too. This microplush blancket is extremely comfortable to touch and will please your pet and you with its high quality. It’s quite spacious too, measuring 100cm in length and 70cm in width and is perfect for small to medium-sized dogs, cats and other pets. It’s tear resistant and waterproof. Because it’s lightweight, you can carry it anywhere easily.

4. Pet Bed

Another wonderful product by petjoymarket.com, this soft warming pet bed will ensure the safety of your pet in the chilly weather in the winter. Made from polyester and cashmere, it’s soft, comfortable and warm for your pet. This pet bed too is available in multiple colors to make the pet corner of your home aesthetically pleasing.

5. Protective Inflatable Collar

Another fantastic item to ensure the safety of your pet, this protective inflatable collar is made of premium material to last long. Its soft texture and accurate design ensure comfort for your pet. Plus it’s sturdy and durable, and makes your pet look unique and stylish. It’s meant for preventing dogs and cats from aggravating a healing injury.

Protective Inflatable Collar

It’s easy to inflate and also easy to wear for your dog. It helps prevent itch-scratch cycle and lick-bite, and help in recovery from rashes, injury and surgical wounds. Since it looks stylish with its design and attractive vibrant blue color, you can use it on your pet while walking, jogging, other outdoor activities and even capturing photos with your beloved pet.

Protective Inflatable Collar

6. Warm Coat Jumpsuit for Dogs

Protect your beloved dog from the chilly weather of winter with this warm coat jumpsuit. It’s made of premium wool and is available in enchanting colors to make your pet look charming. It has an attractive reindeer face on the back making it look superb and perfect for winter atmosphere. Since this jumpsuit is so stylish, you can use it on your pet while taking her out on walks, jogs and other outdoor activities.

Warm Coat Jumpsuit for Dogs

7. Waterproof Reversible Dog Jacket

Chilly weather arrives not only in the winter but also during rains. Pets drenched in the rain can suffer from cold and fever, and may feel weak and debilitated. To save them from such a condition, bring this wonderful waterproof dog jacket. It’s reversible with two attractive sides and perfect fit for little to medium-sized dogs. It’s available in several attractive colors too, not only protecting your dog in the rains but also making him look stylish.

Waterproof Reversible Dog Jacket

8. Warm Winter Coat for Dogs

Just like the wonderful safety collar for dogs, petjoymarket.com brings many superb products for your pet’s safety. One more of these is this beautiful warm winter coat. It’s available in so many attractive colors and makes your dog look extremely cute, while keeping her nicely warm and protecting her health.

Warm Winter Coat for Dogs

You always want the best for your pet. The above products along with many more will give you the chance to do that and ensure that your pet is safe in any condition. Get them and show your love to your dear pet.