Things to Consider while Setting up Your First Aquarium

api semi hex aquarium kitIf you have planned to set up an aquarium, you should consider many things. Here are tips to help you in that.

What to Consider

Here are the basic things you should consider while selecting the right aquarium:

  • Quantity of Fish: How many fish do you wish to add to your aquarium?
  • Type of Fish – Hot or Cold: It’s very, very important to decide whether you want to keep cold water fish or tropical fish.
  • Space: How much space in your home can you allot for your aquarium?
  • Time: How much time can you give to maintain your aquarium?
  • Budget: What is your budget for buying and maintaining your aquarium?

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Quantity of Fish

The more number of fish you will add to your aquarium, the more maintenance you will have to do in terms of cleaning the tank, adding necessary elements to it, feeding the fish etc. It is advisable to start with a smaller quantity of fish at first, such as four, till you get more accustomed and comfortable with maintaining your fish.

Cold Water Fish or Tropical Fish

If you are planning to keep tropical fish in the aquarium, you will have to add a water heater to your system. Tropical fish can survive only in warm water. On the other hand, cold water fish cannot survive in warmer water. So, if you are thinking of keeping both types of fish, it’s impossible to do in the same tank. Also, you will have to learn which type of fish it is which you are considering to bring home. So, if you bring a cold water fish unknowingly and keep it in warm water, it won’t survive. So, this is an important decision.


If you don’t have enough space in your home, but want to maintain an aquarium, you should start with a smaller aquarium, because a larger one may look overpowering in a small room, while a smaller one will make more sense.


It’s very important to maintain your aquarium. It needs to be cleaned regularly, the oxygen pump should be checked, you need to feed fish on time and so many tasks are there. Can you do all of them? The bigger the tank, the more time you’ll have to give. So, before buying the aquarium, think on this important point too.


The cost that comes with an aquarium should also be considered in addition to buying costs. For example, if you want to keep tropical fish, a water heater should be added to the tank and this will be an addition to your electricity bill. Also in some countries, water is metered. This means that a bigger tank will cost more to run.

Consider all these points and take the right decision, so that your experience with the aquarium will be delightful.