6 Great Tips to Tame Your Tokay Gecko

taming a Tokay geckoThe Tokay gecko is world’s second biggest species of geckos. He has a wonderful coloration that makes him a covetable pet; it’s blue to grey and has red or yellow spots on it which looks beautiful. Plus, he’s not shy but is fearless and aggressive which makes him attractive too. It’s known to bite when threatened. Therefore you need to have patience and persistence while taming your Tokay gecko. Also you will need a pair of thick gloves to save your hands from getting locked in the Tokay’s extremely tight grip.

1. Earn the Trust of Your Gecko

Yes, you should do that though it will take many months. Tokay geckos are typically temperamental and may become aggressive if they are not at ease with you. It will take time for you to bond with your Tokay before you become able to handle him. To learn how to take care of your Tokay and gain his trust, visit www.Marksanimals.com/tokay-geckos.

2. Handling Your Tokay

Tokay’s bites are known to be very painful. Plus, as mentioned earlier, a gecko grips your skin very tightly even for an hour. So, don’t try to handle your gecko if you don’t have thick gloves.

3. Starting to Tame Your Gecko

Since Tokay geckos are aggressive and bite very hard, it’s advisable to start to try taming your gecko not before many months have passed after you bring him home.

If your Tokay bites you, try dabbing a drop or two of white vinegar on his snout to make him release the bite. Dipping him in lukewarm water can also be tried. But try to make him release you very gently so as not to threaten or injure him.

4. Bring Tokay Out Gently and Carefully

While trying to bring your Tokay out of his house, you should be very careful and gentle, as any haste or harshness can damage his toe pads or he may be spooked. Call his name lovingly and offer him your gloved hand making it flat. If he moves near you, gently slide your hand beneath him. If your Tokay runs away, understand that you should try the taming session the next day or still next day and so on, when he may become more interested in getting in touch with you.

5. Don’t Watch Him Directly

Direct eye contact can be frightening for your Tokay. So, look away and watch him from the corner of your eyes.

6. Hold Him Above Your Head

If you are successful in making your Tokay sit on your hand, raise your hand above your head. This will make him used to sitting on your hand. Also do this while sitting on the floor as if your Tokay drops he may get injured if you hold him while standing.

If your Tokay happens to walk back and forth on your hand and tries to lick your hand, it’s a good sign and you may soon develop a bond with him. So, keep trying and you may get a friendly Tokay one day.