Dandruff Issues With Pets

Winter is a wonderful season, it can bring amazing experiences, but one thing that is certain to put a restriction on your cats and dogs in winter is dandruff. This problem can lead to infection and itching, but let us see how to avoid this with the help of shampoos, conditioners and other methods.

Dandruff in dogs is called sicca in technical terms, is nothing but the additional shedding of dying and dead cells. Everyone is familiar with dandruff and how it looks like, white and flaky and most visible on dark shades. But pets can go through hard time because of dry sin and can get very itchy. This scratching and itching can cause skin infections and other serious problems. Natural protection that skin normally gives will be lost when they scratch the skin surface.

Skin of your pet approximately has seven layers and it will be broken because of scratching. You will see marks of scratch, redness and bleeding sometimes. Once the skin is damaged, bacteria can enter and may lead to infection and cause more itching. If this condition is ignored, the dry skin of your pet can cause more dry skin and more itching and the situation will get worst. In most situations, itching can get very uncomfortable than pain and it can make your pet sleepless.

Relief is the first step that you should provide your pet with. You can consider giving a bath to your pet with medicated conditioner and shampoos that is prescribed by your vet. Applying lotion can provide quick relief to your pet. Choosing a shampoo that has oatmeal or aloe or something that treats dandruff particularly, can be a good option.

To help in prevention of dandruff, you may also add fatty acid supplements to your pet’s food. Omega-6 and 3 fatty acid supplements can give relief and can also prevent dandruff. These supplements can be found in fish oil and it will also help in lubricating the joints of your pets. During winter consider adding a humidifier to your house, to help the skin of your dog and yours as well.